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Great stuff guys! Now a little background on me and my dog. She is a rescue dog that I got when she was about 6 months old. More loyal than you can imagine. I hunt in south west michigan. Our property is very thick in most places with some wetlands and two creeks running through it. My family is obssesed with bow hunting. As everybody knows it is inevitable that you will have to track deer for long distances now and then. For instance last year my brother shot a buck just before it was too dark to shoot.decent shot but didn't take the deer down quickly. We marked the trail after a lengthy track and went back in the morning. The deer was 40 yards from where we stopped, completely stripped to the bone by coyotes. A dog would have found the deer with ease. My dog is not trained to hunt anything but you can she she has the drive while catching gophers and squirels. When I take her to the woods her nose is in overdrive. So, by the sounds of it, if I ease her into it I believe it will result in more recovered deer. Thank you for the input guys.
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