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Unfortunately perhaps, the realities of intellectual property law are such that an owner of trademark/service mark/trade dress rights must zealously and diligently protect those rights or risk losing them. That's how many trademarks, like Aspirin and Kleenex, which once meant a specific product from a specific manufacturer, became generic terms for acetylsalicylic acid and facial tissue.
While the point is valid, particularly for aspirin(As there are other brands that use the word aspirin in their names for the same drug). I think it is important to distinguish between inadvertent genericization from the public and intentional infringements by a company. Other examples being, to xerox, velcro, jell-o, googling, qtips. etc. These were all brought about inadvertently by the public as a matter of those products or companies being the first or most recognized producers of that class of goods. Rather than companies intentionally infringing on IP.

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