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Then again look at the issue of Glock and KWA (an airsoft manufacturer) KWA is a sort of OEM manufacturer for a company called KSC. They basically take KSC designs (manufactured in Japan I believe) and manufacture them under license in Taiwan with stronger reinforced parts for the US market.

Anyway KWA made pretty perfect 1:1 replicas of various Glock models (17,18,19,26,34, and a select fire version of the 19, and 26) Since KWA mostly markets it's products in the USA, Glock told them to basically stop (I'm not sure if it ever went to court) SO what KWA did was develop the ATP. Internally it is still a KWA Glock, all internal part are interchangeable. All they did is make the slide and frame a bit more ergonomic and less blocky. Apparently that's good enough for Glock since they left KWA alone.

Here's the ATP for anyone who wants to see it:

So honestly I'm not seeing how suddenly the Maxsell replica is a problem since it's basically the same as the KWA ATP. A Glock with some ergonomic and aesthetic changes so it doesn't look too much like a Glock. So if Glock is fine with the ATP, I don't see how they can suddenly complain about it now that Maxsell is doing the same thing.
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