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Maybe I'm misunderstanding you...

But if you're contemplating sending Berry's plated bullets, out of a Howa .308- forget about Varget.

Berry's plated bullets aren't to be shot over 1700 fps. You need a near subsonic load- and a completely different powder. Hodgdon does list a trail boss load for 150 grain bullets.

Far as "excellent accuracy", I'm not sure what your definition is of that....

Precision shooters would define that as 1/2-3/4 of an inch (or less) at 100 yards.

I would guess- never tried it- that ain't gonna happen with cast or plated bullets, especially at low velocity. Normally 100 yards with a centerfire cartridge of any caliber has a flight time so short it's mostly unaffected by external factors (wind, gravity). Not so with a load that has half the velocity you would normally use.

If you want match accuracy, use match bullets at the velocity that gives you the best accuracy through the normal process of load development.

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