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Great job!

Two funny sort of observations:
1. Folks say not to take a pistol to rifle fight. That would go double for a shotgun fight and yet again, when used effectively, amount of firepower isn't what determines the winner.
2. Shot through the hip and fell, jumped, rolled behind a truck and then ran away? So shooting through the hip did pretty much NOTHING to immobilize the shotgunner. The hip wasn't shattered and if bone was even hit, damage didn't preclude some significant physcical events that allowed him to get away initially. So it was fortunate that he dropped the shotgun because he was still ambulatory. That isn't to downplay the success of the event or to suggest shooting the hip was the intent (which it did not appear to be), but the use of hip shots to make physical stops. Hitting the hip doesn't mean the perp is crippled.
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