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Thank you - it's pretty nice - I had it for a while before I shot it - using very low powered loads -
It displayed a problem I have since read befell many of the Fosbery's - great for trench cleaning and air to air - a little alarming at a shooting range.
It has been retired to the collection, and I will not fire it again - unless, my house is attacked by Pickelhaub wearing bad-guys.

The Reichsrevolvers are fairly common, and less valuable than a WF, but new acquisitions are new acquisitions, and I am quite enjoying it, lol.
I want to find a cannon barreled M1879 next.

I obsessed about the Fosbery for a year - it took me ten years to find the one I wanted, and I think I wore out my welcome on the collecting boards babbling about it's details, lol.
I do want to find a Navy automatic, in .455 automatic Webley - a little reading on those ugly pistols and you come away with a strange respect for them - at least I did.

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