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Quoting my first post:
...I would collect at a minimum, Unique for pistol/shotgun/30-30 rifle, and 4895 for .308 rifle. That's for starters, but why limit it to that while you can get more? To me Tac seems to be a better idea than Varget, for .223, but I think 4895 would work if that's all there is.
It appears Edward and I pretty much agree, except that I didn't specify which 4895, only because it would depend on what you find. IMR would be my preference as well, but H4895 or even the Russian variety of 4895 they have used for AK47 rounds, would do.

My other point was prepare now while you can get more rather than wait until you have nothing to buy. For my AR15-types I would add Tac to the list.....lots of Tac. Other than that IMR4895 and Unique would do it all.

Stock up on primers, make sure you can reload without power or batteries. Get a beam scale.

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