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Not to take the thread too far off topic . . . but I tried a pair of the cheaper electronic plugs and they were terrible. Feedback howling and poor sound quality. Plus they didn't offer much muzzle blast protection. Returned them to Cabelas. - - - Its been a few years though.

The quality in-the-ear units (wearing two to give stereo sound for better locating the direction of the sound) are expensive. I ended up using high quality electronic ear muffs, but they can be hot to wear. In any case, sometimes situations develop quickly and you don't have the time to put in hearing protection when needing to use a gun. The sound level of a 45 Colt is half that of a 357. (I recently looked up all this and how it relates to the sound we perceive). - - - The pressure level of the 44 Special is just a little bit higher - - SAAMI standard pressure level is 14,000 psi for the 45LC. 44 Special is 15,500 psi. 357 Mag is 35,000 psi and 44 Mag is 36,000 psi.

Note: how loud sounds are to us gets complicated. The SAAMI numbers arent for sound level measurement, but do give ranking of the pressure of various cartridges. Just do a websearch on 'loudness levels of various firearms' if you really want to get deeper into this topic.

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