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Recoil of even hot 357 loads in a 6 inch GP 100 is not even bothersome. It's a heavy gun. I didn't mention 357 because I have significant hearing loss already and if you've shot full house .357 loads without your ears on, you know how painful that is. Since there are both 2 and 4-legged concerns where I'll be I need to not walk around with hearing protection.

I'm choosing to try to keep both my life and my hearing. I think I like the idea of a J Frame.
Have you looked into in-ear amplified electronic hearing protection plugs that will act as a set of inexpensive hearing-aids during normal noise levels and shuts off to act as hearing protection during a muzzle blast? They can be had for less than $50. That would allow you to carry full-house .357 mag loads w/o worrying about predators sneaking up on you while protecting your hearing.
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