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I don't have any high capacity magazines. I have full capacity or regular capacity.

The problem with a "high capacity" mag ban is not so much that I need all 15 rounds in my Beretta. My problem with a ban would be that:

1. It doesn't solve anything. Do the anti-gunners really feel safer letting homicidal nutcases run loose as long as they can only shoot 10 people at a time before reloading?

2. This useless law would put law abiding people at risk. I flew to CA not long ago. I had to read up on all the laws to ensure I was in compliance before I went there. I'm sure there are people in my position who haven't spent a half hour online and were arrested for felonies that would be perfectly normal, legal activities in their home states. Depending on the details of another federal ban, people could end up going to prison for pulling their old gun out of the safe, and selling it or carrying it, not realizing a new law has passed since they bought or inherited it.

3. There are better ways to deal with the problem, if there is one. Loughner, Hasan, Page, Holmes, Cho, etc. all exhibited warning signs before the shooting. Isn't it better to go to the root cause and get these people help than to strip the rights of a whole bunch of gun owners?

4. Is there even a problem to begin with? Violent crime is down despite the sensationalistic news reports of mass shootings. There are more effective things we could work on if we want to reduce murder rates.
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