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What kind of revolver would be a convenient and not pricey trail gun for hiking?
Define 'pricey'.

$100, $200, $300, $400..??

My basic trail gun is a Ruger fixed sighted 3 inch GP-100 in .357. Nothing fancy. Regular GP100 smaller panel grips that came with it, same sight, simple leather holster (Buchmyer or Hunters), and six spare rounds. Add a light field knife and that's that.

S&W 65 fixed sight .357 would have done the same or even a .38 with +P.

If wheelgun, I'd look for a good Ruger Secruty Six 4 or 2 3/4 inch barrel revolver or used S&W about the same size. $400 or abut more except maybe a S&W M10 .38 would go $300.

Personally I just saw a GunsAmerica 4 inch fixed sighted GP100 I'd be real tempted on.

Just get a regular hammer and you are good to go for DA or SA.

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