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You are guaranteed a lawyer to begin with, a public defender, it is just very likely they will give you terrible service. Surprising since almost 50% of law school graduates apparently can't get jobs as lawyers.

Will this service provide better protection? I hope so.

What if you are from a state that does not issue permits but you are legally CCWing?

Kyle has represented hundreds of health care professionals in medical malpractice cases in state and federal courts throughout the United States
This is in addition to his regular work. What percentage of CCW owners, especially those who are responsible enough to purchase legal protection before they need it, get into shootings? I bet this is a great cash cow. He may never even have a single claim.
$0 of an NRA membership goes to legislative action or court battles. Not a dime. Only money contributed to the NRA-ILA or NRA-PVF. Second Amendment Foundation is a solid alternative.
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