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Henry claimed he gets a machine, the 9th Circuit said he gets a gun in case of confrontation, but that does not include a machine gun. I am not aware of any circuit opinion stating so clearly that Heller created this right. Again, though, my focus is not on machine guns, but on the right to carry, and more specifically, California, where the right to carry is limited to carry with a CCW permit. From a California perspective and from a Federal Appellate perspective, I think this is going to become the most oft quoted citation you will see in briefs and opinions over the next year. I think it is a solid victory for us, albeit in a very small way, and the first of many to come. Outside of California, I am not aware of any CCW cases at the Circuit level other than Woollard and we have several that will be resolved this year and by these judges n California, so when combined with whatever happens in Woollard, those few hold out States are going to be compelled to recognize our right to keep and bear arms very soon. I think by last count 46 States were shall issue or constitutional carry, so the battlefield is relatively small on the CCW front.
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