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Results with .452190

Finally got to the range, albeit for a very short time.
I shot 3 strings of five, each with a different load.
All from a rest, 15 yards, each bullet was weighed and each bullet in a string was within .5 gr of the rest of the string
#1: 28gr Goex 3F, .452190, over powder card, non-magnum primer
Group was 3 inches vertical by 1.75 horizontal, centered 6 inches high

#2: 29gr Goex 3F, .452190, same card,primer
Group was 2.25 vertical by 1.5 horizontal, centered 4.5 inches high

#3 27gr Goex 3F, same same
Group was 1.37 vertical by 1.5 horizontal, centered 3.5 inches high.

The gun definitely seemed to like the 27gr load, and as a side note, my Uberti SAA, 5.5" barrell liked that load the best as well. It shot an even better group.

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