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Think I’m getting close to be able to put in my order with no hazmat bullets are easy to change in the future so going to start out cheap with 150gr berry’s if I can’t dial them in will order in some amax or some 168 match
For the more important decision powder definitely going to get some varget
I just need to figure out if or what other powders to get
The small can of trail boss is cheap $12 uses real small charges and can be also used for some pistol rounds but small really fast loads in a rifle cartridge does make me a little nervous
For the 223/556 I have an ar with a 1/9 twist and 55gr bullets
For the (bolt) 308’s will using berry’s with cast data produce excellent accuracy (only out to 100 yards) or should I scrap that idea?
Should I consider getting another powder for cast?
Only one I have listed was tu2000 burn rate 31 varget is 42 trail boss is 10
Thanks for the help been reloading pistol for 20+ years best accuracy was always with lead at a low velocity so that is influencing me and have yet to load a rifle round but seeing I’m only after short range accuracy I can’t see why it wouldn’t be the same for a rifle
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