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Im gonna try to soak the bolt in kerosene. Will kerosene be good? Then small amount of oil. Also to mention first session 15 rounds no problems. second session 50 rounds of federal bought at local gun store. It was federal 110 grain. The box was old and the rounds were tarneshed beyond normal. Some of the metal on the jackets was worn away to lead! This was the ammo I was shooting when this isue started. I did a cleaning to the bore and plain hand cleaning around the bolt etc. I thought for sure getting better ammo would work. 3rd session shot brand new shiney remington (50 rounds) and some new shiney federal (25 rounds) I had on hand. This session same thing sooty casing and extraction/ejection issues. Maybe the crappy ammo from session 2 did some deaper in fouling. Thank you. I want to get this handy carbine running reliable.
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