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I found the book and the second chapter is titled "Leo the Lion". You are 100% correct. It is a story about the "areoplane" crashing in a canyon near Payson.

"I got caught in a box canyon," he said. "Did you see an aeroplane come over here the other day? I crash-landed somewhere up the canyon. I've been walking for days. I have to get to a tellephone. There's a lion on my plane."
Frank V. Gillette, "Pleasant Valley", 1984, pg. 9

The MGM lion, Leo, crashed in Pleasant Valley!

Anyway, Vern and Frank Gillette were along for Leo's rescue with Sam and Boy Haught!


That is the most likely, but I hope that it was ordered by someone in the valley. I am not sure there were many hardware stores in the area at the time. The research from Colt is going to answer many question. I hope it doesn't raise too many more!

Thanks again!
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