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Rhino Trigger kits (does anyone have one?)

I need to send back my new Chiappa Rhino 2" because the chambers are off spec (too big / different sizes).

I was able to talk to a Chiappa Rep. with regards the trigger kits that they used to sell in their website

According to the rep. they are avoiding to install them because of people complaining of light primer strikes.

Unfortunately, I haven't been able to find much info googling... I would like to know if the people complaining were experienced reloader using softer/sensitive primers like Federal... or people buying ammo from walmart.

I really want to lighten the trigger and make it more competition friendly (IDPA), but if it's not reliable under any type of primers/ammunition... then, it might not be worth it

So, does anyone own one.. or know of someone that had a stage II or II trigger done?

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