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I do have a copy of the book and it does tell the story of a group of men capturing a mountain lion alive, placing it in a home-built cage and transporting it by horseback. My memeory is a bit foggy, but when I get home tonight, I will dig out the book and read the tale!
Actually, the story was about the rescue of "Leo the Lion" who was the MGM roaring lion seen in the beginning of every MGM film. Apparently "Leo" was on a publicity tour and the pilot managed to crash his plane en route from Phoenix to Albuquerque in one of the more remote areas of the White Mtns.

They had to enlist some aid from some of the local residents of Young and surrounds. Been a while since I read it, but it was a cute story.

Again, as far as any modifications to that gun, at this point it really doesn't matter. At that time, 99.99% of guns here in AZ were working guns, especially on ranches, and especially at a time when getting law enforcement wasn't just a matter of dialing "911."

I will be really curious to see to whom the gun was orignally shipped.
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