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Personally, I think this country is getting closer to that fiction all the time. I also believe it doesn't hurt to talk about it, as long as you don't advocate anarchy and going out on the streets to "kill zombies." In reality, while there is no such thing as "walking dead," we do have real human beings, damaged by drugs, and/or in servitude to drug lords, who act as if they were. As scary as they are, if you and your loved ones are in the wrong place at the wrong time, we can't just go to war with them, Hollywood style, can we? But we all have the right to 1. defend ourselves, and 2. expect law enforcement to fight the bigger war. If and when THAT breaks down....well then it's back to number 1.

I'm an old boy scout. I believe in getting and being prepared. Collecting a reasonable supply of reloading components and supplies is reasonable and wise...but not as wise as collecting a year supply of food and at least a month's supply of water. Ammo comes after.

Just one powder for such a supply is silly, unless you wait until that's all that's left. Without any research, I would collect at a minimum, Unique for pistol/shotgun/30-30 rifle, and 4895 for .308 rifle. That's for starters, but why limit it to that while you can get more? To me Tac seems to be a better idea than Varget, for .223, but I think 4895 would work if that's all there is.

If you can't find a published load from a trusted source that has the facilities and resources to test and document, .... just pass that combination by.

I don't know anyone that qualifies for that on gun you? That's why we have loading manuals, and powder manufacturer's loading data. If you can't find a load from those sources for a particular gun/powder...again pass it by. Your own research using good sources is the best research.

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