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Searching for parts for a Rossi 511 revolver,,,

I need an ejector star for this little shooter,,,
The one in the gun has one tooth stripped.

I've tried Numrich and searched a few other places,,,
But I am having no luck at all finding one,,,
My Google-Fu is not strong.

It's a shame too,,,
This gun shoots very well,,,
But only for 5 shots then it stops rotating the cylinder.

I paid $25 for it with full disclosure of the problem,,,
It's easy to load five and shoot them up,,,
But I would love to fix this little gun.

I will make a custom (any color you want) Key-Slinger,,,
For the person who finds me this part on-line.

This is a Key-Slinger.

Perfect for a motorcycle key,,,
Or to hold the key to your gun cabinet.


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