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Well yeah but I was competing and I have been shooting for a long time. This 22 easily has well over 400,000 rounds. I had to change the barrel once because I didn't know about snap caps back then and ruined the first barrel dry firing. Most of the ammo used was Remington Green box, standard velocity ammo and until the ammo quality went down hill I never had any reason to shoot anything else in it. Besides targets it has taken jack rabbits, squirrels and a lot of pigeons.

This 45 conservative estimate 300,000 rounds and about 10 years ago I had to change the barrel and bushing in it, since 1972 the rear sights 4 times, the link pin once and the recoil spring more times than I can remember. It helped that the army was buying all my ammo at the time. Now that I have to buy or make my own and I am not competing it doesn't get shot nearly as much.

First gun I ever bought back in 1964 and I am guessing that I passed the million round mark over 20 years ago. I personally don't shoot it as much as I used to but it still shoots and it is still the gun I use to train new shooters who do not have their own gun. I shot this 25 yard target about a year ago to prove to my latest student, my nephew, that it wasn't the guns fault he was missing.
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