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Originally Posted by shane tuttle
As question has been answered anyway, I reiterate it's a slang term to differentiate between a cast lead and jacketed/plated ones.

After a lengthy discussion in the past, it's been decided to make sure "bullet" is used for both here. Long story short, if one can't understand reading in the context in the body of a post on which one is being discussed...
You are correct sir, my question has been answered by snuffy. Not being privy to the "lengthy discussion in the past", I had no idea what a boolit was or why the word "bullet" was distorted in such a way. I do now and as I indicated above, the word "boolit" now makes sense to me.

It's a funny thing about the spoken and written word. No matter how clear you think you are being, no matter how fully you understand the thought you are trying to convey, there will always be someone who does not understand what the author or speaker is trying to say.

But I do apologize if I offended your sensibilities in any way.

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