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I apologize for my poor communications.

I will not be apprenticing as much as hobby learning. And when I say he is part time, it's more like a hobby to him since he took on another full-time job.

And that's more the scenario- he's willing to teach me how guns work and do basics; at least for now anyway.

And I understand what you mean about trigger jobs; And I don't know how to use the tools properly for sure. My hope for my 10-22 trigger is just to get started on something that "seems" doable to me and start learning how things work.

Anyhow, I'm fifty, work way too much and want to learn guns. I really like to know how and why things work; so I'll just make the most of my opportunity.

Thanks for taking the time to respond.

Btw, is buying a starter kit from Brownells a cost effective approach? The gentleman's shop is 30 minutes from me; and I want my own hand tools regardless.

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