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m1 carbine extraction and ejection issue

Hello all and thanks in advance. I have a original refurb usgi carbine (inland barrel and reciever with a rock ola fire control) that I just recently took out of storage that it had been in for 15 years. The first time I fired it with a 15 round magazine it ate thru every round. The last 2 times I took it to the range ive been experiencing failures to eject and extract spent casings. I have 2 usgi mags, 1 korean mag and one after market 30 rounder. I have used both federal 110 grain ball and remington 110 grain ball.

The 1st most common issue is a "almost" stove pipe. After the shot the spent casing gets lodged HORIZONTALLY between the bolt face and the top of the reciever. The 2nd most common issue is a failure to extract the spent casing from the reciever. The bolt goes back far enought to want to extract the next fresh round from the magazine but cant obviously because the last spent casing is still sitting in the chamber. I tilt the barrel up and with my finger nail very easily slide casing out. Also, both the federal and remington brand brass spent casing look real dirty like "soot" and the gun just looks gummed up after firing. The most Ive fired in either of these 2 sessions is 75 rounds. I had this carbine (same one before storage) when I was a kid and remember it as uber reliable. What do you think? thank you Edited to mention that this gun has been cleaned after storage and after each shooting session. Not stripped down to every small part but barrel swabbed, brushed, wiped down and oiled. I even used a tooth pick to clean the gaps around the extractor and ejector plunger. both the compontents seem to have "firm" spring tension.
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