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Tom, I apologize for generalizing in attempting to answer the question posed before my post. What I said is based on my experiences living in those places, and interacting with people in those communities. Simply trying to convey my experience of people's feelings and politics towards 2A.

Mleake, I agree it's not just about sporting purposes, however I was trying not to be too long winded, which probably led to a bit more generalization than was good for expressing my point.

That being said, I believe there are two main arenas in which 2A issues need to be contended with. The courts and the people. The courts unfortunately change things after the fact or after something is in contention. Whereas if public opinion(the people) sways towards a 2A friendly ideas, it makes it more difficult for politicians to propose bills like the one in NY. As hopefully the legislators will realize that is not what the people want if more people are vocal about retaining their rights.

Unfortunately I do not have the time or money be involved in court battles. But I do try to introduce people I meet to firearms without the politics. In the hopes that at least a few more people will come to see firearms as something they can deal with. Once that hurdle is overcome it seems to be easier to discuss why 2A is important and why they should stand up for their rights.

A subset of the people aspect to me, would be petitioning the legislators/officials directly as Kraigwy did. This not only communicates the current desires of the citizens, but can cause change. Recent events in my current state of Nevada have left me surprised and hopeful that court action is not always needed to effect policy change. Individuals in a few cities pointed out that the cities were not following state law and preemption regarding open carry in public buildings and parks and have effected change by discourse with sheriffs, city attorneys and council members.

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