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Wow! I am familiar with the book, although I haven't as of yet read it.

At this point, it doesn't matter if the gun is reblued, or if the grips are original or anything else. That gun is chock full of Arizona history!

You mentioned the Blevins. I know that one (or more) of the Blevins were sided with the Grahams, and one of the Blevins was killed by the sheriff from Prescott who led a posse after him and one of the Grahams.

One of these days I must take a trip to Young; I have heard that they have a little parade every year commemorating the War and you can see actual graves of people that were killed during it. Young is one place in AZ that has less people in it than where I live. LOL!

Congratulations on a very valuable and pivotal piece of Arizona history.

Edit: Something clicked in the dusty corners of my mind and I remember reading an excerpt from Gillette's book about "The Rescue of Leo the Lion." It was included in a paperback book called Arizona Humoresque. I know a lot of retired DPS guys; I'll have to ask them if they knew Frank Gillette.

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