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A Glock feels like a heavy, but crisp single action pull. The XD feels more like a very smooth light double action trigger pull. Which is odd because the XD is a true single action while the Glock is classified as double action only.
Being that striker fired guns are hard to firmly classify as either SA or DA, the XD isn't a "true" SA. It's as close to SA as you can get and should be identified as such in general speaking. But "true" isn't the case.

Is it like the trigger on a glock?
Yes and no. Yes in the regard as the typical striker fired firearm. Yes, as both have a consistent feel fire after fire. No, because Glocks have a more noticeable feel in their reset. In my experience, Glocks have more "spring" in their feel upon takeup. The safety lever on the triggers are basically identical.
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