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You started today and are already polishing trigger parts? I was able to touch very few parts during the whole first year I was apprenticing. I cleaned a lot of machines, I learned to identify by use/need all the many files and how to properly use, maintain, and store them. Shop safety with machines, chemicals, cutting tools- that was a big one... and a long one.

I spent boucoup time watching, learning where to find printed diagrams and schematics, every once in a while he'd stop and make me articulate what he had done, the next logical step of what to do next, what parts needed to be checked against drawings to ensure they were still within spec, what tools/equipment, mics, blocks/clamps, bits/cutters would be involved. That man is easy giong, but wouldn't stand for any slop work.

My opinion, if you're being allowed to polish trigger parts on the first day- you owe it to yourself and the customers to ask much much more of the guy you're working under.

Go slow, honestly. It'll benefit you in ways you can't imagine. Start tearing down and cleaning milsurps such as bolt actions and SKS's, learn how deep heat treating goes into metal, heck, learn how to both estimate and test metal hardness. Learn all the files, stones, screwdrivers, jigs inside and out.
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