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Yes sir. But not directly.

The old fella who owned the gun pictured was Vern Gillette, son of Quimby Gillette. They lived on the Cross Y and the Bar X ranch where Vern was the manager. The Bowman's on the 13 ranch were related to Vern by marriage. Vern's first wife and mr. Bowman's wife were sisters.

The Gillette family had friendships and business dealings with the Haught's, Blevins', Burk's, and Allenbaugh's.

There is a very interesting book writen by my wife's grandpa, Frank Gillette (son of Vern), Titled "Pleasant Valley" published in 1984. Frank Gillette was a Highway Patrolman in Arizon his whole career.

I have learned from my FIL that the gun was purchased used by Vern Gillette from one of the Pleasant Valley locals around 1915. The family does not know who the seller was, but hopefully the letter from Colt will shed some light on that.

Thanks for the intrest and help with this research.
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