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Well for NY and IL, 40-50% of the states population is contained in either the NYC metro or Chicago metro. In my experience, people living in both metro areas are either unconcerned with firearms politics or in favor of some sort of restrictions because they perceive firearms danger to outweigh their utility. Not rabidly antigun, but when you live in a place where guns are not the norm, and have no practical understanding of shooting sports, recreation and hunting, they don't tend to see why restrictions are bad. California is something else, while living there I could never really put my finger on why people felt the way they felt about things. In both IL and NY though it is unfortunate that the major metropolitan areas disproportionately effect state laws. Sure in NYC and Chicago, even if you do own guns, it's they're not the easiest places to actually go out and enjoy your firearms or practice with them, but it seems that while policies are made that "seem reasonable" for a major city with limited legitimate access to ranges, they forget there's a whole other section of the population that does have access to ranges and open land to hunt on.

Either way, active firearms owners are a minority in most places. By active I mean people who more than own guns, but actually use them and or appreciate them for more than just a talisman. As such yes, 2A rights are not a top priority for most people. Which is unfortunate because I don't care what #A it is, they're all important and need to be protected.

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