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Because I'm not from NY and not particularly familiar with its local politics, what do some of the NY resident's here estimate these bills chance of passage are? I know that NYC is pretty vehemently anti-gun, but I don't know much about the rest of the state.
This type of legislation always passes in the Assembly, and then gets rejected in the Senate. That's why it's so important to maintain the republican advantage in the Senate. But it's difficult when such a large portion of the population are democrats. Basically all the big cities are democratic majorities.

I few years ago one of our state senators introduced a bill stating you could only have "X" amount of powder in your home.

To some, it was a reasonable amount.
In New York City there's a 200 round limit...can't have more than 200 rounds of ammunition in your home. It's in the fire code. I don't know of limits in other parts of the state.
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