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Let it evolve over time ....

After you've fired 10,000 rds thru one kind of platform ...maybe you won't like some of the other platforms....things do change !

Even though many of us have lots of handguns in our collections....we often use 4 or 5 of them as our "primary guns" ...that we train with all the time. The rest of them kind of fill in - fun days ( a .44 mag revolver day / a S&W K frame day ( .22, .38 spl,.357 mag) ...a Sig Sauer day or whatever ).... shaking it up, makes it a little more fun.

I might be able to run a drill ( drawing, double tapping a target under 4 sec all day long with one of my primary 5" 1911's ..) ....but what can I do with a K frame revoler in 4" in .38 spl or shooting full power .357 mag loads ...or with a Sig 226 ( way different trigger and width and feel than a 1911 )....
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