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Taurus 85

Just a note of interest ...

The average price for a used Taurus 5 shot in good condition appears to be

to be $280. I think I got my money's worth for $200 (plus I believe I can

sell the Walnut grips for around $40 making the actual price $160). SW small

revolvers are in the $350 to $400 range, lots of police and security company

turn ins out there (not snub nosed five shots revolvers). I have seen some

SW snub nosed revolvers that have been used and abused, the action is a

hard pull, indicating that the internal workings might have residue inside and

the finish is marked (stainless) or scratched. The asking price for these guns

seems to be a flat $400.

There might be a reason why a Taurus has survived 15 .. 20 .. 30 years,

and works fine , and you can get one for a fair price.

How someone can ask $400 for a SW in rough shape is beyond me?

But what really has caught my attention is the HUGE mark ups on the

cheap automatics sold second hand.

No one in their right mind would engage in a fire fight with a five shot

two inch revolver ... but a cheap automatic comes in handy for that.

Well you can guess the answer to this riddle ... used automatics have

a mark up because private sellers might just take cash for them and not

really mess around with paperwork.

The guy who sold me my revolver had me fill out a bill of sale and wrote

down my my license.

After the cash was in his hands, he told me he prefers automatics

and kinda gave me a look like I was a Nancy boy for wanting his dead daddy's

old revolver. Hey it was July 4th .. he needed the money and I needed

a pocket gun ..
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