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Weatherby SA-459 for skeet and bird hunting?

W respect to the original question of using the SA-459 for Skeet and for bird hunting, If you are like me, you have a shotgun for home defense, and occasionally you might get together with friends and go on hunt. Since I don't have the $ for more guns right now, I plan to make my SA-459 perform multiple duties.

I have an SA-459 Turkey. It came from the factory with the front AR-type sight, and the picatinny rail over the receiver along with a rear ghost ring sight. In fact it is identical to the TR models but has camo stocks and a 22 inch barrel with a removable full choke (Beretta mobilechoke system thread pattern).

I have not tried it at skeet yet, however I will be this weekend. The front sight removes easily, leaving a small mounting block on the barrel, which when painted with tru-glo paint, will be about as quick to acquire as a bead, and will not limit visibility of the bird as much.

The rear sight comes off by QD knob, and the picatinny rail dismounts with 4 screws. I will have to go to the specialty hardware store to get 4 machine screws of the same thread pattern and pitch but a bit shorter length to plug those 4 holes, but I'm confident that they'll have them.

So for the cost of a little gunsight paint, 4 short machine screws for the receiver, some blue locktight 252, and maybe a couple different inexpensive chokes from Cabela's, my tactical turkey gun will easily convert for skeet and dove. Not saying its ideal - just food for thought.

BTW, the other 51 weeks of the year, the SA 459 wears its front sight, picatinny rail, ghost ring sight, a vortex red dot sight, and ... (on order) a Choate +2 mag exension. With no plug, this will give me 7 + 1 rouds of 2.75" for home defense.
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