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To my way of thinking, any rifle that I can hunt with is a hunting rifle. It’s not limited to only “big game” but to all game and to varmints too.
I have used;

40 cal flintlock.
50 cal flintlocks,
58 cal Hawken cap-lock
62 cal flintlocks.
22 rimfires
222 Remington
5.56 AR-15s
6mm Rem
6.5 Swede
6.8 SPC AR-15s
270 Winchesters
270 WSM
7mm Mauser
300 Savage
30-40 Krag
300 H&H
303 British
7.62X54 Russian
7.62X39 Russian
7.65 Belgian
8MM Mauser
338 Mag
348 Winchester
35 Remington
44 Mag
416 Taylor
404 Jeffrey
458 Winchester
460 G&A
50-140 Sharps.

I have also hunted with and killed with the following handguns
22 LR
221 Fireball
38 Spl
357 Magnum
44 Magnum
44 Spl
45 ACP
45 Colt
454 Casull

And I add to all the above list 7 kills with recurve and long bows 5 deer, 1 antelope and one elk.
2 of the deer were killed with aluminum arrows and all the rest of the animals were killed with wood arrows. None with compound bows, but I never owned one of those. If I did I am sure I could have used it too.

Hunting is a skill.
A “hunting rifle” is any rifle that can be used while performing that skill.
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