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I like to collect interesting guns that fill some kind of niche. But at the same time I like to shoot them (and so justify buying them) as well as having some kind of practical application if possible for CC. So I have my 1911, a Colt SAA (replica), a snub-nose revolver (2 actually), a couple of 22LR target pistols, a pocket pistol or 2, some compact 380's and some compact 9mms. Only 4 or 5 see much use these days. I still want to buy some more but want to have some kind of point to it. I know I need a full-size revolver (a niche gun) but after that itbecomes an issue as to where to go next and hopefully get the most for my money one way or another. I make lots of lists based on types of guns, either by manufaturer (like all the Berettas I can buy), caliber (say a bunch of 22LR plinkers, etc) or use (like a bunch of compact 9mms for CC) and what I want seems to change every day. Or maybe just buy the best gun available thinking that it might be my last and let the future worry about itself (but if the tehre is a future I end up with a bunch of guns I might not have any need for). At the moment I'm going to stick to Berettas and Walthers, just alternate between the 2 for each purchase and just have a collection of each. Since I bought a Beretta last next up will be a Walther, probably a PPQ, or maybe one of each like a P22 and a Nano. But tomorrow I might be thinking about something else. But it's fun!
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