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Originally Posted by snuffy
It's slang plain and simple. Some english majors get their underwear in a knot about miss use of our great language. I say it's a way to differentiate between jacketed and cast. I have no problem with twisting the english language a bit, and I'm not even from the south! (Our sad lack of adequate smiles on this site does NOT have a smiley for just yanking yer chain)!
Oh, and you misspelled it------boolits, no hyphen.

Ok, makes sense now. I had to laugh when I read the post in the link you provided where another forum doesn't allow the use of "boolits".

Thanks for the link, I didn't know there was a site dedicated to cast bullets, oops boolits. A great new place for information.

Oh, and you misspelled "miss use". Should be "misuse". Unless you know some one named Miss Use.
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