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I grew up shooting skeet. Literally, my first paid job at age 12 was a trap boy at the local AFB skeet range. Every Saturday, 12 hours, from 7am to 7pm. 50 cents per hour. At the end of the day the trap boys got to finish shooting any opened boxes of shells. In 1966, at age 14, I bought my first shotgun from the club. Paid cash across the counter and no one blinked an eye. It was a special order Win 1200.

Shot trap after college, when I was a member of a club outside of Louisville, KY. Got my 100-straight patch at that club. Dumb luck.

Helped set up a sporting clays course when I was a director of our local club in Natchitoches, LA. Just about the time someone figured the course out, we'd change it.

The most fun for me, is shooting 5-stand with my kids on Sunday afternoon. It's a hoot to go to the local club and burn up most of a case of shells with my kids and grandkids.
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