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Originally Posted by Bushmaster I now need to go buy a micro scale for hundreds of dollars? Lets hear it from the peanut gallery. I for one, lean towards trusting the adjustable measure. what say U???
Cabelas has electronic scales starting at $30....... and you can get them cheaper from evil-bay.

Different powders have different densities and will generally not have the same volumetric and weighed values. The volumetric measurements on spouts and measures are nominal weight equivalents for what ever powder was used as a standard. Vakues can vary wildly depending on what powder you are trying to measure - as evidenced by the variance with that P stuff.

Originally Posted by Noz
The full length 30 gr spouts throw a weighed charge of 26 grs of FFg on my scale.

Close enough.
By comparison, a few months ago there was a thread running on one of the forums about volume vs weight of BP. Just for grins, I weighed fffg Grafs powder from the some of the spouts I keep in my possibles bag and regularly use. Each spout got 10 charges weighed to get a good average. Spouts used were all marked with a grain amount stamped on the side. Results were:

18 grain spout averaged 18.7 grains
21 grain spout averaged 22.0 grains
24 grain spout averaged 29.0 grains
30 grain spout averaged 31.8 grains
Adjustable pistol measure set at 25 grains averaged 25.7 grains

Other than the 24 grain spout being so far off, they were all pretty close - using fffg powder. The results would likely have been very different using ffg or a sub. One of these days I'll have to do the same with ffg and the subs to see what the difference is.
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