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But for your consideration:
To finish up your revolvers:
a. S&W model 17 or 18 revolver in .22 ...they're the classic K-22 Masterpiece or Combat Masterpiece. Personally, I like the model 18 in a 4". Its a K frame ...but it is iconic and affordable.

b. S&W model 27 or 28 ...N frames / .357 mag...the mod 28 is the "Highway Patrolman" satin blued finish / the dressed up version is the model 27 in bright blue or Nickel. Add a 4" or 6" version of either...I'd go with the mod 27. I'd keep the model 19 as well ...a good K frame .357 mag is a nice gun too. The mod 29 is an N frame too ...but you need one in .357 mag as well.

c. Colt revolvers - if you like them ...add a Python when you can.../you'll have to stretch that budget a little / in my mind the mod 27 S&W and the Python are equivalent in terms of quality - but I'm a S&W revolver guy.

d. single action revolver ...Colt is a nice gun so put one on your short list. If you want to look at a modern version of the Colt ...look at Freedom Arms out of Wyoming. Again not in your budget under $1,000 ...but iconic none the less. There are other options out there....but the triggers on a Freedom Arms will make you cry little tears of joy ...and a Colt trigger can be improved...if you want the Colt name. But a single action revolver any caliber is a nice addition / and you can find them in .357 mag, .44 mag, .45 Colt ...or even .454 Casull if you go to Freedom Arms.

1911's ....
a. sure add a Colt if that's what you want..../ personally I'd add a curent mfg like Ed Brown or Wilson Combat to your Xmas list instead of a Colt - but its your list - not mine / Wilson Combat is not in your budget if its under $1,000....but down the road. I'd get a 5" gun .45 acp and one in 9mm a set / and if you want a Colt ...there were some 9mm's made..hard to find but they're out there. But a 1911 in 9mm and in .45 acp is a cornerstone of a good collection.

Sig 226's ....carried by a lot of law enforcement departments now ...some units in Navy, US Treasury, Homeland security, FBI, etc...

that'll keep you busy ...and easily eat up about $ 12,000 or so ..../ but its a start..../ and no matter what - make sure you have fun in the process !
Now THIS sounds like a great list! You're thinking along the same lines as I do!

I really do prefer Colt as a brand for 1911's but would consider others. Maybe a nice set of revolvers in different calibers as well. Need a SAA Colt as well as a Luger P08.

Right now I think I'm going to concentrate on my third acquisition of a Model 29-2 Smith and Wesson and go from there.
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