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Norma is good stuff, and pretty consistent. I don't seek it out, when I want premium brass, though. I've found case life to be quite short.

Norma is great, but short-lived. Lapua is the best. Nosler is alright. R-P looks like crap, but has excellent case life. Winchester is inconsistent in every measurement and has crooked case mouths out-of-the-box/bag. And, Hornady is just barely a step above Remington... maybe.

Lately, I've just been doing the work myself, to save half the cost of "premium" brass:
Buying large lots of R-P brass, sizing, trimming, neck turning, flash hole deburring, weight sorting (20-piece lots), and volume sorting after the first firing (if desired - rare).
I only have to do it once for the life of the brass, and it performs just as well as the premium stuff.
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