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XD Trigger

I've got about 1500 rounds thru an XD45, and I think the 'feel' depends a lot on the size and cofiguartion of your hand/fingers. I have very large palms, and fat/short fingers.

To me, the trigger has a small amount of take-up (about 1/8"), then a fairly short, but firm (about +3#'s) of pull, and then about 3/16" of travel after the sear releases. Took me about 100 rounds to get used to it, now it feels very natural.

I'm not the best offhand pistol shot, but with reloads, I can average under 2" at 25 yards. Don't shoot it off a rest, didn't buy it as a target pistol.

As with every semi- out there, pick one up, try to find someone who will let you run a clip of ammo down it, and then make up your mind. I thought the Sig 226 was going to be my savior, but once I fired one, it just didn't 'fit' my hand for a comfortable and natural grip.

just my $0.02 worth

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