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Creeper, it's funny that you should mention that you had special Norma cases for shooting for record. When I started phasing out my Norma 220 Swift brass for the Winchester, I held back about 40 of the Norma cases for the times that I needed to be extra special accurate. I had shot those cases many many times and I had prepped them to the max and I even went to the next step of throwing away cases that threw flyers more than once or twice. I'd mark them and if they got more than 2 marks I'd discard them. The cases remaining were the good stuff. I even won money with them a couple of times when I was hunting with customers and they'd say "betcha can't hit that". That's when I'd bring out the red MTM box with the special ammo. Then I went to Winchester. Gotta wonder why I ever decided to go over to Winchester cases instead of just buying more Norma cases. Oh well...the Winchester shoots good enough for what I do these days - blast coyotes when I decide that the day will be a 220 day.
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