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Originally Posted by bswiv
Beautiful....................and I know I said it before.......but "Live From the Stand" was one great idea! Every day it was the first thing I looked at on the web........
Well, I can't take credit for the idea but have no fear, Season 2 begins October 1st, approximately 30 minutes before sunrise.

Originally Posted by shortwave
Remember your quest well... Just goes to show what patience,determination and sheer will to succeed will get us when hunting. Very nice deer and the mount looks neat with the ears layed back.

I'm on year five of hunting the same buck. Came closest to sticking him last year. Saw him twice last year and once at twenty yards but he didn't present a shot.
Year 5, eh?! He must be a beast by now! I doubt I've ever seen a 5 year old, say nothing of chased one that long. They almost never make it that far around here.

Make sure to join in Season 2 of LIVE! From the Stand!, it's be awesome for us to be able to follow the hunt when you finally get him.
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