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Hey now that's rude....I represent that remark....

shot with a young guy yesterday - probably 28 yrs old or so ( skeet ) ...he managed a 96 out of 100.../ he has a lot of potential, if he really focuses to get better. He needs a good coach - to push him a little and go to the next level...or he's not going to get past the local club level. But he has pretty good form - for being mostly self taught....and he's having fun.

For most of us getting older ..and developing eyesight issues is really hurting us ..../ but most of us old guys held our own in the low 90's with it wasn't too embarassing. One of the old guys managed a 98 - so we kept him humble as a group...anymore, a score of 92 is about the best I can do.../ but I'm not whining ( even my worst days ---are pretty great ! ). After all - shooting is not how I make my living...
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