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I encourage every shooter try all of the games / and the games within the basic games ( like in Trap ....shoot 16 yd singles, shoot some at handicapped 20 yds, 24 yds, even 27 yds ) ...and Continental Trap, or Bunker Trap, or Doubles....its all Trap ...but all very different.... / and Skeet, 5 Stand and Sporting Clays...

Like my buddy OneOunce often says...every sporting clays course is different / like golf courses are different....and the best courses might set it up for a class C shooter to score in the low 60's out of 100 ...and still challenge the AA class shooters as well.../ and weather and wind are factors as well....

Most of us use the basic games like Skeet ...and 16 yd Trap singles --- to work on our fundamentals of stance, gun mount, follow thru - and we can then take it to the sporting clays or 5 Stand courses....or become better feathered bird shooters....and some guys like our buddy Zippy used to shoot all 4 gagues of Skeet at a very high competitive level..../ all of us evolve in these games...

all of the trash talk ( like I find Trap shooters boring ) is just that ...just talk....shoot all the games / have some laughs ...and some fun.
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