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My surmise about rebluing was based on the appearance of the frame, whcih would normally have been color case hardened. Blued frames were not unknown and could be ordered from the factory, but were not the norm. Also there are some other areas, like the point where the backstrap and trigger guard meet the frame that look like the parts were polished separately, common with gunsmiths doing a reblue job, but not from the factory, where the three parts were polished down together leaving an almost invisible joint.

If the frame has not been reblued, it seems odd that the barrel, ejector rod housing and cylinder show so much more wear than the frame. The barrel shows what appears to be holster wear, yet the frame, except at the recoil boss, looks like new. I have been trying to figure out how or in what way the gun could have acquired that type of wear pattern.

Jim K
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