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M&P FS, Pro and G34

Hi guys..

I own m&p FS 9.. and have been using it for IDPA and sometimes USPSA. It has the apex hard sear and USB.. the trigger is around 3.8 - is very good but the reset...

I own a g19 too.. sometimes I think I shoot the glock 19 gen4 better than the mp. in the last months I have been more into the "game" so I have been thinking about buying a g34 or m&p Pro

but is there any good advantage with the long slide/ 5" barrel of the PRO/g34? at IDPA we usually shoot at 7 -15 yards.. sometimes 20 and almost never 25..

but what about the recoil/muzzle flip with the m&p PRO or g34..? is there any advantage with the "5 barrel?

I have read that the advantage of the Pro is a better stock trigger but as I already have the apex parts,I dont know if it worth getting the pro o glock 34...

the good think about the g34 is it is ready out the box..good trigger, reset, you only have to change the sights and it is not as complicated as it is with the m&p..

but then again I dont know if it (g34) has any good advantage over the FS...

the reason I think about the g34 is with the m&p I have been fighting the grip for rapid fire...while with the glock 19 doing rapid fire the front size rise and come back on target ready to pull the trigger support hand fit the left side of the grip very good/very flat and I feel a better control than with the m&p, with it the front size usually is a little bit to the left so the follow shots go to the left.

any advice?

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