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No accurate one. In general, while 4895 is pretty good, I know of almost nobody who ranks it best. Most versatile, perhaps. 4064 usually produces better precision because of its greater bulk filling the case better, but it won't get you to the highest velocities possible. Reloader 15 was chosen for the military M118LR sniper load rather than the 4895 they used in older M118SB and in M852 because its accuracy loads give them more velocity with the 175 grain SMK bullet.

Lot to lot burn rate variation causes powders to change position on the burn rate charts from one batch to the next. I think the better way to organize charts is to group powders by application, as this GS Custom chart tries to do, but you'll see it ranks Reloader 15 and 4064 together with 4320 faster than 4064, which I've never seen anywhere else, and puts 4895 down closer to Varget, which I do see on other charts. This doesn't quite agree with the measured numbers used in QuickLOAD's database, but it's perfectly believable that particular lots might be this way and it depends on the actual load level.

I've repeated John Feamster's data here before that shows that 4064 doesn't rise in burn rate as fast as 4895 does as load density goes up, and QuickLOAD's model doesn't show that, so it's still possible 4064 could be a good choice, too. But based on the military choice, I'd try Reloader 15 first.
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